Saturday’s Mini Movie-Review: Rise of The Guardians

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I think this is my first animation review on here and it’s a little harder because it’s not so much reviewing the acting, just the general entertainment value but saying that, it’s a good first go because Rise of The Guardians was wonderful!

The premise is that Jack Frost has been called on upon to become an official ‘Guardian’ of the children and their beliefs to help fight off the boogie man (known as Pitch Black) because he’s trying to fill the children of the world with fear and make them stop believing in the other guardians (Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sand Man)

The story is typical adorable festive fodder with a good heart and good message at the base of it (that you don’t have to see to believe and as with most animations, that good can always overcome evil, it just takes a little courage), as any good animation should have.  There were new takes on each of the Guardians, Santa was a little more strong willed and Nordic with his jolliness, the Fairy was still fairy like and had lots of cute little mini-fairy type helpers which were obviously adorable, the Bunny was not remotely cute and funny, he was an Aussie and had a lotta ‘tude to go with his bounce, as for Sand Man, there was no talking but some interesting sandy images that popped up above his head when he wanted to communicate, which ended up in a little hilarity when he couldn’t get anybody’s attention!

The film is pretty consistently funny all the way through and as two adults, without the excuse of kids, Lee and I really enjoyed it.  We also saw the 3D version which wasn’t bad for 3D and some of the snow fluttering scenes were really beautiful.


Whether you have kids or not, go see it, it’s bound to make you that little bit more festive and feel you with warm fuzziness, which everybody should grab hold on to, kids or no kids. 9/10

Rise Of The Guardians



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