Snow Day and Caca Marron Hair!

“In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.”

Winter Wonderland

It started snowing last night!

Snow Beginning to Settle in the Garden

And it started to settle, so exciting!  We got quite a bit of snow last year (enough to keep us home from work even) but this year this was the only lot we’ve had all winter (so far at least) and I felt like a big kid, looking out the window and getting excited.

And this is what we woke up to.

Snow in the Back Garden

And out the front garden.

Snow on the CarsOkay, so it’s not loads but enough to play in which is great if you’re a 27 (nearly 28 year old!) big kid!

We took a trip to the park with my brother in law and nephew, who had got creative with the lack of snow and made a semi-snowman on this big rock.

The Snowman

And the park looked pretty impressive covered in the white stuff.

The Park

The pond was nearly fully frozen, I’d never seen it like that before!

The Partly Frozen Pond

I think the swans knew how photogenic they looked against the snow.

Swans in the Pond

There’s nothing like seeing the town you live with a light dusting of snow, it gives it a much more magical quality.

Town Centre in Snow

Aside from playing in snow and having a yummy Indian buffet lunch with my in-laws, my other plan today was to stop myself thinking my hair looks ‘blah’ when I look in the mirror at the moment, so I decided to henna it again, which I hadn’t done in a good few months (because it’s pretty darn messy and time consuming!).  But today was the day.  Now in all honesty, I tried to do a rush colour this morning, before we left the house but it left my hair somewhat patchy, which nobody wants!  So I did the right thing and popped into my local Lush shop (after my trip to the spa on Friday, it must sound like I work on their marketing team :-D ) to grab one of their henna bars which I didn’t use this morning ( used powdered stuff that I had in the cupboard, generally it’s just not as good in my experience).  So the Lush preparation commenced.

I like to use whatever colour henna I’m using with some added Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze which makes the hair even shinier and more moisturised and also makes it a little easier to wash the henna out (which is a challenging feat at the best of times!).

Lush Ingredients

Then the henna should be chopped as small as you can easily chop it.

Caca Marron Chopped

Next it needs to be mixed with hot water until it becomes a yogurt-like consistency.  It tends to become a better consistency if y0u do this over heat, like a hot pan of water.  I start off by adding a very little bit of water and keep adding until it’s the right texture.

Heating the henna.

I add about a dessert/table spoon full of the Fluff-Eaze.

Fluff-Eaze mixed into Henna.

Once all the henna mix is as smooth as I can get it, I cover my bathroom with newspaper, put on some old painting clothes and apply to my hair.  Some people have a method for this but I just do my best to get it on as evenly as possible.  I didn’t photograph this part because in all honesty, it’s very messy and not very attractive.  Once it’s all on and I’ve cleaned the bath a bit, I cover my head inn cling film and wait a couple of hours.

Henna on my head.

After the time is up, I rinse and rinse and rinse, and shampoo and shampoo and rinse some more.  It can easily take twenty minutes to get the henna out but it’s so worth the effort.  Not only is henna so much kinder to the hair than most colourants, it’s also incredibly conditioning and makes the hair incredibly shiny and rich in colour.

First the before shot, so you can remember what I was working with.

And now the after shot, sorry it’s so close but Lee wasn’t around for his handy-dandy photo taking abilities :-D .

After henna.

Okay, so I’ll never have beach-blond highlights with henna but I love how rich and glossy it is and it’s a perfect way to pep myself up cheaply and naturally.  Which is seizing the day for me, even if in a very small way.




  1. Helen says:

    Loving the hair! Very sultry! Xx